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Leonardo LIONFISH 30 RWS and LIONFISH 30mm X-GUN

The LIONFISH® family was designed to meet the ever-growing demand for light multi-role solutions for patrol, protection, and defence of installations. To fulfill different operational requirements, the family comprises three 12.7 mm turrets (Ultralight, Inner Reloading, and Top), the 20 mm LIONFISH® 20 and the 30 mm LIONFISH® 30.

Standard features across the family are modularity, a minimum need for maintenance, and intuitive use, which greatly reduce training requirements and help minimize lifecycle costs.

All the turrets are easy to install, even on smaller vessels, because they do not require bridge modifications and ensure high-precision target engagement, even in poor sea weather conditions, thanks to complete stabilization in elevation and azimuth. Each turret can calculate the firing solution independently and comes with a coaxial electro-optical unit with a high-definition daylight camera, infrared camera, and laser rangefinder for target tracking. The 12.7 and 20 mm systems featured Leonardo-manufactured and developed Mini Colibrì optics, which can integrate either a better-performing cooled infrared sensor that can sight and identify a threat at a greater distance or a cheaper uncooled infrared sensor.

Depending on the sensor, the detection range can be up to 12 km, with identification between 3.3 and 2.7 km. With a weight of less than 180 kg, the Ultralight turret is the lightest in the family. It has minimal impact on the platform on which it is installed and has an elevation range of -20° to +70°, allowing it to engage surface targets, drones and helicopters. LIONFISH® Ultralight can also be used on land vehicles or installations and on vessels weighing less than 10 tonnes. This model has also already been successfully tested on several uncrewed vessels.

The Top turret weighs less than 300 kg and is the best performing of the family. It offers complete coverage and boasts a high level of stealth, plus the best cooled IR optics. It differs in that, by offering a maximum depression range of up to -30°, it can even engage emerging threats that get close to the hull.

The 20mm model weighs less than 450 kg and features a high rate of fire and a long operating range.

The latest addition to the family, the LIONFISH® 30, is extremely compact and light. It comes with the new electrically powered LIONFISH® 30mm X-GUN. The latter developed in-house and ITAR-free, integrates air burst – AHEAD (Advanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction) ammunition for greater effectiveness against any type of asymmetric threat, including mini- and micro-drones. The use of artificial intelligence optimizes its simultaneous engagement of multiple threats. The turret also features a high firing rate and a high operating range.

All the turrets share a basic architecture and the same support components for below-deck installation, starting from the control console with a 17″ touchscreen and two multi-function joysticks for complete remote control.

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